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7'145 Jews who lived in Liepāja on 14 June 1941, on the eve of Soviet deportations and the Holocaust.  There is a file card for each person, giving  available information on: date and place of birth and death, fate, address in 1941, occupation, names of parents, spouse, children, maiden names, etc. The information comes from 271 sources. This section also contains pictures of the  executions of 15 Dec 1941.

Alphabetical and chronological lists of 3'564 burials.

A Memorial Wall in the Liepāja Jewish Cemetery, which was dedicated on 9 June 2004. It lists 6'428 victims who perished in the Holocaust or Gulag, as well as 46 Latvian and German rescuers who saved 33 Jews. This part of the site contains 12 pictures of the Wall, information (program brochure, list of donors, speeches), and a 230-page list of victims' names, with age at death and place of death. You can download this file and print out the pages containing your relatives' names. The list uses exactly the same font as the Wall.

The mass grave in the Shkeede Dunes, where ~7000 victims (including 3640 Jews) were executed by the Nazis 1941–45, has been rediscovered. A memorial stone, commemorating all victims, has been installed in October 2006. This part of the site contains an account of the discovery as well as pictures, and an account of a brazen act of vandalism by—Jewish bigots. It also reports on efforts to keep the firm Rapsoil SIA from building wind turbines virtually on top of mass graves.

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